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Monday, June 24, 2013

He Travelled Abroad For His Masters And Asked Me To Wait For Him Till He Returns. Is He Worth Waiting For??

Dear Beloved, I Met This Guy On A Social Network Last 2yrs, We Started As Friends But He Later Asked Me Out And I Accepted. After I Had Accepted Him, He Opened Up To Me That He Used To Be A Cultist In School And Asked If I Was Going To Leave Him Because Of That. I Said No. As A Christian, I Kept Praying For Him. Five Months Into The Relationship, He Started Asking For Sex, I Refused ‘Cos I'm Still A Virgin. He Didn’t Complain And Two Months Later, He Said He Wanted Me To Carry His Baby But I Refused Again. I’m Not From A Wealthy Home And He Doesn’t Give Me Money – He Prefers To Give My Family Members And Friends Making Them Believe He Gives But I Rarely Ask Him For Money Or Anything. Recently, He Travelled Abroad For His Masters, He Never Told Me His Intentions Till Two Days Before His Departure. Severally, I Have Told Him It Was Over, But His Friends Calls And Say He Loves Me, I Don’t Believe It ‘Cos He Never Treated Me Like One. I Keep Praying For Him ‘Cos I Love Him And Cos I Don’t Want His Soul To Be Lost. He Asked Me To Wait For Him Till He Comes Back. I’m 23yrs Old. Do You Think He's Worth Waiting For? The Truth Is That I’ve Never Been Happy In The Relationship And A Voice Keeps Telling Me He Isn't For Me. I’m Not Bothered About His Love – I’m Just Bothered About His Soul.
My Dear, I Understand The Predicament Or Confusion You’re Currently Facing In Your Relationship But Like I Will Always Say, Our God Is Not A God Of Confusion And I Will Also Say That You’re In This Dilemma Because You Entered A Relationship With An Unbeliever So Most Of His Behaviours Are Not Surprising Because It Is Purely Who He Is.
God Is Not Concerned About Our Past But Our Present And Our Future. If Your Guy Was A Cultist In School, What Is He Now? Has He
Repented From His Sins? Is He A New Creation In Christ Jesus? These Are The Questions You Ought To Have Considered Before Accepting When He Asked You Out. Above All, As A Christian, Did You Seek God’s Consent Before Accepting?

You Know, God Loves Us So Much That He Gave Us A Way Out Of Confusions, Heart-Breaks And Temptations And That Way Is By Seeking Him First To Know The Direction To Take Or The Decision To Make And I Will Say That This Is The Point Where You Made A Mistake. You Became Unequally Yoked With An Unbeliever And That’s Why You’re At This Cross-Road.

Asking You For Sex Or Saying He Wants You To Carry His Baby Are Methods Some Guys Use To Get Unsuspecting Ladies To Fall Into The Sin Of Fornication With Them. Thank God Who Enabled You To Stand Your Ground. Also, Not Telling You Of His Plans Till Two Days To His Departure Clearly Shows How He Values You – He Doesn’t Value You At All.

Finally, I Will Advise You To Quit The Relationship, Remain Steadfast In The Lord And Keep Praying For His Soul To Be Saved. Like You Said, You’ve Never Been Happy In The Relationship So Obey That Voice That Says He’s Not For You. At The Right Time, God Will Bring The Right Man For You And You’ll Know A Peace That Passes All Understanding. 

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