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Monday, June 10, 2013

What It Takes To Be A Godly Wife..

Daughter Of The Most-High God Who’s Praying Day And Night For Her Husband To Come; And Those Married, Has It Ever Occurred To You That God Is Also Checking Daily To See If You Really Have What It Takes To Be A Godly Wife?

**A Godly Wife Is First Of All A Help To Her Husband; An Asset And Not A Liability Or Burden To Him. She Knows That Her First Duty Is To Assist Her Husband In Reaching His – Not Her – Goals In Life ‘Cos That Was Why God Created Her In The First Place.
**A Godly Wife Is Her Husband’s Backbone Who Knows His Soft Spot And Completes Him As His Missing Rib. She Will Never Compete Or Rub Shoulders With Him ‘Cos She Knows They Are Not And Will Never Be Mates Before God Who Made Him Her Head And Made Her From His Ribs.
**A Godly Wife Will Never Put Her Children Before Her Husband ‘Cos God Joined Her To The Man And Not To The Children; So Taking Care Of His Needs Must Come First Before Those Of The Kids.

**A Godly Wife Is Not Weak And Lazy ‘Cos She Knows She’s The
Second-In-Command. So She Must Be Ready To Temporary – Not Permanently – Take Over Once She Senses That Her General Is Down Or Weary. She Will Never Drive Him Mad With Her Naggings.

**A Godly Wife Will Never Discuss Her Husband’s Weaknesses With Her Friends ‘Cos His Weakness Is Her Shame Since She Came Into His Life To Turn Those Weaknesses To Strengths.

**A Godly Wife Will Never Flirt Around With Men Nor Allow Them To Touch Her Anyhow And She Constantly Prays Never To Cheat On Her Husband By Committing Adultery ‘Cos It’s An Ungodly Act And A Sin That Can Completely Destroy Her Matrimonial Home.

**A Godly Wife Will Never Falsely Defraud Her Husband To Buy Jewelries, Clothes, Weavons And Attachments That Can Never Be Compared With Putting On Christ. She Knows To Respect His Opinion And Would Never Lie To Him So As To Get What She Wants.

**A Godly Wife Is In Her Marriage To Complement Her Husband And Not To Compete With Him. She Came To Add And Not To Take Away From His Life; So She Constantly Prays Against The Spirit Of Competition ‘Cos She Knows It Can Destroy Her Home.

**A Godly Wife Will Seek Her Husband’s Permission Before Making Any Purchase Because He Is Her Head And As Such, Responsible For Her; And She Is Prudent In Her Spending ‘Cos She Knows That Excessive Spending Is Not Of God.

**A Godly Wife Avoids Quarrel With Her Husband At All Cost And Lives A Life Of Obedience And Submission To Him ‘Cos She Knows That In Daily Doing So, The Presence And Blessings Of God Is Drawn Down Daily In Her Home.

**A Godly Wife Is Not Dirty ‘Cos She Knows That Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness So She Fights Against Body Odour With All She’s Got, Knowing That The Stench And A Dirty/Smelly Home Can Drive Away Her Man.

So Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Godly Wife? If Not, What Are You Waiting For To Go To Christ Jesus Who Alone Can Make You Become One?  It Begins With Having Christ!

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