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Monday, April 15, 2013

To Love And Be Loved In Return..

Have You Ever Loved Someone Who Never Returned Your Love? Being Hurt Or Heart Broken Seems Of No Significance When Compared To The Silent Agony One Experiences Watching Who You Love Busy Loving Someone Else And Blissfully Ignorant Of Your Love.

Have You Ever Listened – With Pain In Your Heart – To The Secret Love Of Your Life Telling You About His Love For Another? Those That Has Passed Through Such Will Testify That It Is Not An Experience They Would Ever Want To Find Themselves In Again! Why You May Ask? It Simply Squeezes The Life Out Of You And It’s Also Against God’s Plan To Give You Life In Abundance.

God Never Wanted You To Experience A One-Sided Love. He Wants You To
Love And Be Loved In Return! One-Sided Love Causes You To Think You’re Inferior Or A Lesser Being But That’s A Big Lie Because You.. Yes You! Are Fearfully And Wonderfully Created By The God Almighty Himself In His Own Image{Psalm 139:14}.

One-Sided Love Begins When You Rush Ahead Of God And Fall Into The Trap Of Infatuation And Lust But When You Allow God To Bring The Right Person Your Way, The Person Will Love You For Who You Are And Not For What You Are Because The Love Of God Is Also Flowing Through Him/Her.

Unrequited Or One-Sided Love Should Never Be Found In The Life Of A Genuine Born-Again Believer In Christ Jesus Because It Is Not From God.

Decide Now To Wait For The Right Partner From God And He’ll See To It That You Will Love The Right Person And Be Fully Loved In Return Because Your Happiness Matters To Him!

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