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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Do I Know God’s Will On Who To Marry??

Dear Beloved, How Do You Really Get To Know God's Will On Whom You Are To Marry? I’m In My Second Year At The University And Want To Ask; Is There Anything Wrong Engaging Into A Relationship Leading To Marriage?
In Knowing The Will Of God On Whom You Are To Marry, The First Step Is In Knowing God As Your Father; Jesus As Your Lord And Saviour; And The Holy Spirit As Your Guide And Teacher – This Means Becoming Born Again. If You’ve Not Come To This Point In Your Life, Then I’ll Advise You To Begin At This Stage.
Secondly, The Will Of God, As Shown Us In 1 Thess.1:3-5a Says “It Is God’s Will That You Should Be Sanctified: That You Should Avoid Sexual Immorality; That Each Of You Should Learn To Control His Own Body In A Way That Is Holy And Honourable, Not In Passionate Lust Like The Heathen Who Do Not Know God.” This Is First Of All, God’s Will For Your Relationship.

You Cannot Be In A
Relationship Where You Are Engaging In Pre-Marital Sex And Know God’s Will Concerning The Guy/Lady. Being Sanctified In Christ Will Now Open The Way For You In Choosing The Right Life Partner. As A Lady, When A Man Proposes To You, The First Answer You Should Give To Him Is To Give You Some Time Before Getting His Reply.

Next, Take The Matter To God In Prayers And He Will, Through His Word Or A Deep Knowing In Your Heart, Confirm The Right Person To You. In Doing This, He’s Already Directing You On Choosing Rightly. And If It Is Not The Man That Proposed To You, Please Do Not Keep Him Waiting But Kindly Explain To Him That He’s Not The One For You.

Finally, Even In Your Second Year, There’s Nothing Wrong With Engaging In A Relationship That Will Lead To Marriage But You MUST Allow God To Confirm The Guy/Lady Before Proceeding. As For Me, I’ll Advice You To At Least Get To Your Final Year Or Even Graduate Before Planning To Settle Down. Maturity Also Helps In Making Wise Decisions. Shalom.


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