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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Is There A Problem In Meeting Your Spouse On Facebook??

Dearly Beloved, I Met A Guy On Facebook ‘Cos We Happen To Have Hundreds Of Mutual Friends Including My Siblings Whom He Went To Same School With. It All Started When We Started Liking Each Other's Comments On Other People's Walls. This Continued For About Two(2) Years But None Us Was Bold Enough To Say Hello Or Add Each Other As Friends. Finally He Sent Me A Message To My Inbox. We Added Each Other And Started Talking Everyday And Now We Are Both In Love. The Good Thing I Like About Him Is That He Is Also Born Again & We Are Both Celibate. He Said He Is Only Into A Relationship Heading To Marriage So I Pray Every Day That It Works Out Fine ‘Cos I Really Like Him A Lot. But Here Comes My Problem, We Still Haven't Met ‘Cos I Am Thousands Of Miles Away From Him So I Don't Know How He Is Like In Person & This Gets Me Very Nervous. So, Please I Need To Know, Is There A Problem In Meeting Your Spouse On Facebook?

My Dear, There’s Really No Problem In Meeting Your Spouse On Facebook Or Any Social Media On The Net. I Say This Because God Cannot Be Limited – He Can Use Any Medium To Being Two People Together. Actually, My Elder Sister Has Been Married For Four(4) Years Now And She Met Her Husband On One Of The Social Networks And By God’s Grace, They’re Both Happy And Enjoying Their Marriage.

Their Relationship Was Equally A Long-Distance One Like Yours But Before She Ever Committed To Her Husband, She Insisted That He Must
Pay Her A Visit(Take Note: Not You Doing The Visiting). He Did, They Discussed At Length Before They Both Committed To The Relationship. So, I’ll Advice You To Do The Same By Asking Him To Come Down And See You.

But Before Doing So, Pray And Seek God’s Face About The Relationship. That He’s A Born Again Christian Does Not Mean He’s God’s Choice Of A Husband For You And Also, People Can Claim A Lot But Actually Seeing And Knowing Them Reveals More Than They Say. Above All, Ask God To Reveal His True Person And Nature To You.

Finally, As He Visits You, Make Sure You Work Out The Modalities Of The Relationship Because Distance Relationship Requires Harder Work And Attention To Make It Work. In All, Commit Everything To God’s Hand And I Pray He’ll Work Everything Out For Your Own Good ‘Cos That’s His Plan For Your Life.


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