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Monday, April 29, 2013

Be Careful Of Who You Get Married To ‘Cos It Defines Your Destiny!

One Of The Hells On Earth Is Marrying The Wrong Person{You Can Ask Those Sadly Lamenting In A Marriage Of Barely Two(2) Years}. Your Marriage Can Make Or Mar Your Destiny Depending On The Person You Choose To Marry.
Some People Are Fire Extinguishers Used By Our Arch Enemy{The Devil} To Put Out The Godly Fire And Zeal In The Life Of A True Believer In Christ Jesus. You Must Therefore, Be Very Careful Of Whom You’re Getting Married To ‘Cos It Will Define Your Destiny!

So Many
Brothers And Sisters That Were Full Of Godly Zeal And So Passionate For The Things Of The Lord When They Were Single Are Now Lukewarm Or Even Cold Since They Got Married – No Thanks To Their Spouses!

Do Not Allow Emotions/Feelings And Lust Confused For Love You Into The Everlasting Bondage Of Unholy Wedlock. Do Not Allow The “Wed” In Your Marriage To Disappear Leaving Only The “Lock” To Remain Because For A True Child Of God, Divorce Is Never An Option!

So Why Not Wait Till God Brings Along The Right Person Your Way So That Your Destiny Will Remain Glorious In Christ Jesus


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