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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Is It Okay To Take And Send Pictures To Your Long Distance Partner??

Dear Beloved, Is It Okay To Take Pictures For Someone You Are Committed To, Especially If You Guys Are In A Long Distance Relationship And Do Not Get To See Yourselves Often? What Are The Restrictions If Any That Should Be In Place If This Is Allowed.

There’s Nothing Wrong In Sending Your Pictures To Someone You’re Committed To Who’s Far From You. But It Becomes NOT OKAY When Those Pictures Arouses Sexual Desires In Your Partner. Any Guy/Lady That Asks You To Send Nude, Semi-Nude Or Scantily-Dressed Pictures Of Yourself To Him/Her Is Not Of God. The Bible Strictly Warns Us To Avoid All Appearances Of Evil And This Warning Should Be Heeded.

When It Comes To Restrictions In Relationships, I Believe Every Relationship Is Unique And As Such Should Define Their Own Boundaries Because
What Favours This Relationship Might Not Favour The Other Relationship. But One Rule That Applies To Every Godly Relationship Is That Everything Should Be Done To The Glory Of God.
The Adage That Says “Too Much Of Everything Is Bad” Will Also Apply To Every Relationship. Sending So Many Pictures Of Yourself All The Time, Having Spicy And Sexy Talks Which Arouses Your Emotions All The Time, Sending And Texting “I Love And I Miss You Messages All The Time, Etc Shifts Your Focus From God To That Person And This Is Not Good.

Self Control Is A Fruit Of The Holy Spirit And Must Be Applied To All Relationships. Serious Matters That Will Help You To Know Each Other Better, Should Be Discussed. Never Do Something You’re Not So Comfortable With All In The Name Of Love. Speak Up And Tell The Other Person That What He Wants You To Be Doing Most Of The Time Is Not Okay With You And If He Really Loves You, He’ll Respect Your Feelings. #ApplyGodlyWisdom#

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