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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Intimacy Means More Than The Physical:

Each Of Us Has Five Significant Parts In Our Lives. We Have The Physical, The Emotional, The Mental, The Social, And The Spiritual. All Five Of These Parts Are Designed To Work Together In Harmony. In Our Search For Intimacy We Want The Solution Today, Or Yesterday. One Of Our Problems Is That We Want "Instant" Gratification. When The Need For Intimacy In A Relationship Is Not Met, We Look For An "Instant" Solution.

Where Do We Look? We Most Often Look To The
Physical. It Is Easier To Be Physically Intimate With Someone Than To Be Intimate In Any Of The Other Four Areas. You Can Become Physically Intimate With A Person Of The Opposite Sex In An Hour, Or Half-Hour -- It Just Depends Upon The Urge! But You Soon Discover That Sex May Only Be A Temporary Relief For A Superficial Desire. There Is A Much Deeper Need That Is Still Unmet.

What Do You Do When The Thrill Wears Off And The More You Have Sex, The Less You Like It? We Rationalize It By Saying, "We Are In Love. No, I Mean Really In Love." But We Still Find Ourselves Feeling Guilty And Unsatisfied. On Most Of Our Campuses And Even Outside It, We See Men And Women Searching For Intimacy, Going From One Relationship To Another Hoping, "This Time Will Be It. This Time I Am Going To Find A Relationship That Will Last."

I Believe That What We Really Want Is Not Sex. What We Really Want Is Intimacy.

Today, The Word Intimacy Has Taken On Sexual Connotations. But It Is Much More Than That. It Includes All The Different Dimensions Of Our Lives -- Yes, The Physical, But Also The Social, Emotional, Mental And Spiritual Aspects As Well. Intimacy Really Means Total Life Sharing. You Don’t Just Share One Aspect Of Your Life That You Want To Share – NO! You Share All.

It Is In Sharing All The Significant Part Of Your Life That Genuine Intimacy Is Achieved.


  1. I don't care what the difference is I haven't had any of that for the 45 years I've been married. Advice from me would be worthless, except the depression and hate all this has done. He has spent his entire married life in the basement and I upstairs. Hopefully none of the readers get stuck in a life like this. I keep hoping my life will end soon.

    1. My dearest anonymous, I sincerely hope your your life will not end soon till you have tasted the sweetness of our Lord Jesus Christ which alone can remove those bitterness in you and transform your life and that of your husband too.

      Jesus actually loved you enough to die for you so you can experience joy and abundant life and a good marriage in Him. I believe your husband can change but it must begin with you.

      Once you accept Him with all your heart as your personal Lord and Saviour, He will give you a new heart and you'll begin to see everything in a whole new perspective.

      Why not try Him and see 'cos He died to prevent what you're currently passing through. Loving you with the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ..


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