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Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Do I Tell Him The Truth Without Hurting His Ego??

Dear Beloved, I Have An Issue On My Hand Right Now And I Need To Sort It Out Quickly. I Met A Guy About Six (6) Weeks Ago And He Seems Attracted To Me But I Don’t Feel The Same Way About Him. I Have Plans Of Reading For PhD, I’m Going For My Masters Later In The Year And He Is Not A Graduate. He Is Kind Of Not Serious With His Job too. Last Week, He Said He Wants To Meet My Parents Even When I’ve Not Told Him Yes. In The Beginning I Did Not Want To Say Anything So That I Would Not Wound His Ego But Right Now, I Don’t Want Him To Assume Forever Cos He Is Not My Kind Of Person And He Is Not Someone I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life With. How Do I Tell Him No Without Sounding Proud Or Wounding His Ego?

There Really Is No Easy Way To Telling Someone That You’re No Longer Interested In Him/Her Or That His Advances Are No Longer Welcomed. It Just Has To Be Done. But Before Doing It, Pray About It And Ask God To Give You The Wisdom Needed For Such A Task So That He Would Not Feel Degraded Or Demeaned.

Secondly, Bear In Mind
The Scripture That Says “Do Unto Others As You Would Want Them To Do Unto You”. Think Of How You Would Want To Be Addressed If You’re In His Shoes And Treat Him As Such. Use This Reminder To Speak To Him And Let Him Know That His Advances Are Not Welcomed Since You’re Not Interested In Marrying Him.

You Also Made A Mistake By Allowing Him Get Close To You At All – You Should Have Told Him Immediately That You’re Not Interested In Him From The Start. And I Hope It’s Not Just His Educational Qualification That Put You Off Because God Does Not Look At Those Things In The Vessel He Uses.

He May Hurt At First But He Will Later Appreciate Your Being Honest With Him Rather Than Playing Him Along When You Know That There’s No Future For Both Of You. All The Best.

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