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Monday, August 27, 2012

How Do I Boost My Courage??

Dear Beloved, When I Was Young, My Mum Shouts At Me For Every Mistake I Made. The Shout Or Yelling Became Too Much To The Extent That I Became Afraid Of Her. She Never Knew That Her Shouting Was Killing My Boldness. Now As Old As I Am, Even When I’m In The Midst Of My Peers, I Feel Different & I Feel They Are Seeing Me In That Way Too. How Do I Boost My Courage? Thank You

Hi Dear, I Understand What You’re Going Through And The Only Way To Boost Your Courage Is To Know WHO YOU ARE IN CHRIST JESUS! When You Truly Know How God Sees You And In Whose Image You Are Made, Your Boldness Will Return Because The Bible Tells Us That God’s Children Are As Bold As Lions.

Most Parents Don’t Know The Extent To Which
Their Behaviour Towards Their Children Affect Their Children’s Psyche – They Shout Down On Them And Call Them All Sorts Of Derogatory Names. As A Result, When These Kids Grow Up, They Find It Hard To Gain A Solid Footing Among Their Peers In The Society (Exactly What You’re Going Through).

My Advice To You Will Come First Of All In The Form Of A Question; Are You Born-Again? Have You Experienced The Redeeming Power Of The Blood Of Jesus Christ? Do You Truly Know Your Father In Heaven As The Lord Of Lords And The Kings Of Kings? Do You See Him As Your Rock Of Ages? Have You Realized That You Can Never Be Ashamed In Him?

If You Indeed Have Known These Truths, You Will Discover A Sudden Boost To Your Courage Because We Are Fearless In Christ Jesus. I Pray You’ll Sincerely Seek God To Know And Experience His Redemptive Power At Work In Your Life.

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