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Monday, August 06, 2012


Here Is The Recap/Summary Of The Next Two (2) Letters – “U” And “S” – As I Conclude The Series On The Acronym Of TRUST..

U-NDERSTANDING: This Is About Getting To Know What Makes Your Partner “Tick”. What Makes Him/Her Talk And Reason They Way They Talk And Reason, Knowing What Makes Them Happy Or Angry And Being Able To Say With All Confidence That You Know Your Partner. A Way Of Achieving This Would Start From
Listening Very Attentively To Whatever They’re Trying To Say At Every Point In Time When You’re Conversing With Him/Her.
Always Try To Remember Whatever They Tell Or Share With You. Don’t Just Discard And Forget Everything Once They Go. Retain It In Your Heart As This Shows You Care And Want To Really Understand Their Person.

S-ELFLESSNESS: In A True Godly Relationship, Self Should Not Take Precedence Over Your God-Approved Partner. His/Her Needs MUST Come Before Your Needs. If Everything Is About You – Your Happiness, Your Pleasure, Your Satisfaction, Your Entire Needs Being Met – Then There’s A Big Problem In That Relationship And You’re The PROBLEM!
Being Selfless Is About Considering Other People Better Than You. It Is Service – Serving In Love Regardless Of The Discomforts You Might Feel. But If You’re In A Wrong Relationship, No Need Practicing Selflessness; Break It Off And Look Unto God To Divinely Connect You To Your Partner. Remember, The Gift Of God Adds No Sorrow.

First Of All, Seek To Understand God First And Know His Attributes And What He Delights In. This Would Enable You Understand Your God-Approved Partner Better. Asking God To Remove Every Trace Of Selfishness In You Would Be To Your Own Advantage Too..

Remain Richly Blessed..

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