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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Introducing "What's Your Take On This?"..

What's In Sex That Makes Believers 
Throw Caution To The Wind 
Even When They Know It's A Sin
Outside The Boundary
Of Marriage?
(What's your take on this?)


  1. Hmm..I believe its one of d wiles of d devil to lead believers to destruction..Its a pity dat even as we know this we still fall prey to sin of immorality..May God help us, amen!

    1. A big amen to that prayer, Ada. I totally agree with you.

      I believe the reason people keep falling into this sin is that they just can't resist the momentary pleasure and they truly can't!

      It takes a spiritual man/woman(A Genuine Born-Again Ch...ristian) to resist the alluring temptation of sex. This is beyond an ordinary man.

      It is this same weakness for sex that destroyed Samson yet Joseph resisted it. What's the difference? The love § fear of God.

      God is FOREVER willing to help as many as genuinely call § plead for His assistance..


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