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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Do I Make My Man Happy?

Hi Beloved, how do I make my man happy. I have so much offended him. There are so many who can't wait to have him but he's my gift from God. Please what do I do?
Hello dear, you can make your man happy by respecting him and being submissive to him. A lot of ladies find this hard to do but it's a serious necessity in making a man happy.
But first of all, let me ask you this question because I give advice based on the Word of God and His standards; Is the "man" in question your husband or fiance?
 Is God in full support of the relationship if he's already your fiance? If your answer is YES to these questions or he's your husband, then commit everything in God's hand and also humble yourself. 
Check yourself to see if you're proud because pride(finding it so hard to apologise) destroys relationships.
Also, always listen to him and put his needs and values before yours as Phillipians 2:3 says because only then is true love revealed. 
Remain richly blessed..

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