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Monday, January 02, 2012

Five Misconceptions About Love(Intro)..

To be happy in your relationship and marriage, you must come to the understanding that love is a choice, not a sensation or feelings. ‘Feeling’ is the fruit; ‘doing’ is the root. Your will is therefore, where the solution begins.

God wouldn’t have commanded, ‘Husband, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the Church…’ (Eph.5:25) or ‘…teach the young women… to love their husbands…’ (Titus 2:4) if love was a feeling and not
an act of your will. When the will leads, the feelings follow.

People in search for 'true' love have suffered heartbreaks resulting from failed relationships and marriages. A deeper probe into its causes has revealed some misconceptions these individuals had about love that led to the destruction of their relationships. 

By the grace of God, the five misconceptions about love would be corrected in our ‘Monday’ weekly posts. Don't miss it!

Remain richly blessed as I still wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR..

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