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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Help! I'm In Love With Someone's Fiancé..

If a guy you love is engaged to someone else, and another guy is asking for your hand in marriage, what will you do? Please tell me.

My dear, I believe you're a Christian so let me be very honest with you. If the guy you love is in love with someone else and is engaged to that person, then something is not really right. 

It may be that you're loving the wrong person. As a child of God, you have to take time to
pray whenever you feel yourself falling for someone - you need to seek if the feelings you are developing for that person is right and if that person is also the right one for you.

Seeking God's face on this matter first will save you a lot of heartbreaks because God cannot give you a man who is engaged to someone else. Secondly, when a man proposes to you, do not be quick to say yes or no.

Ask him to give you sometime to pray about the proposal and I believe that when you seek God's counsel concerning the matter, He will give you the right answer for that proposal.

Remain richly blessed..


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    1. Thanks so much dear. I really appreciate your visit and comment. God bless you..


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