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Monday, September 26, 2011

Ten Lies Of Pornography(10)..

Women Should Be Degraded:
Most often than not, women, in pornographic films have been shown to be a little above dummies(toys/dolls). We see these should-have-been-confident women in pitiful and vile positions yet “seemingly” enjoying the whole torturous scenes.
Porn is often full of hate speech against women. Women are shown being tortured and humiliated in hundreds of sick ways and weeping/begging for more. Does this
kind of treatment show any respect for women? Any love? Or is it hatred and contempt that porn is promoting toward women?
When we allow ourselves to become so addicted to watching these make-believe films, it twists our minds and makes us warped in our thinking. Men begin to see women as play-things to use and discard at will and women also begins to see themselves as play-things and less than they actually are in God's eyes.
On our homes, streets and schools, children, teenagers and adults abuse and disrespect women and their mothers alike whereas, women ought to be treated with utmost respect for what they are in God’s sight – able help-meet and bearers of generations of mankind.
As genuine Christians, we have to take a stand and reject these lies of pornography before it wrecks a complete havoc in our lives to the glory of Satan.

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