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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How Do I Choose The Ideal Partner?

Dear Beloved, God bless u. I have been following ur messages and I think you may be one of the people who may help me in ministry. I do counsel people alright but I need more views. What is the procedure one should follow to choose the ideal partner and how can one be sure that such is the right fellow since there are a lot of voices that speak to us from the spiritual realms? I will appreciate ur views.

Thanks my brother for the encouragements and for following the messages closely.
The ONLY procedure one should follow in choosing THE IDEAL PARTNER is The WORD of GOD and the confirmation of HIS WORD.

When the time is right for a genuine believer to settle down, God will definitely speak and 
reveal the lady he is to marry and if the man is not very sure if the voice is really from God, then he should seek confirmation in God's Word(The Bible).

Any message or revelation that cannot be confirmed in the Scripture is NOT from God. I agree with you that there are many voices that speak from the spiritual realm BUT we must test ALL spirits like the Bible tells us to. And we test them by aligning them with the WORD OF GOD.

Once this is done, then one can be VERY SURE that God has helped him to choose the right help-meet to be his wife. Another thing that will help him to be very sure is that the LADY, when told, MUST also ASSERT that God has CONFIRMED that same man in her life because our God is NOT an AUTHOR OF CONFUSION.

If you're still not very clear or have more questions to ask, please feel very free and I know that the Lord will provide the answers. 

Remain richly blessed..

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