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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

She’s In Love With Someone Else..

Dear Beloved, If you love someone and have sought the face of God concerning it and got to know that it’s the will of God but the person said she is in love with someone else, how do you handle it?

Hi dear, if you have sought the face of God and are very sure that He said the lady is meant to be with you, then don’t give up. Continue trusting God to meet and confirm you to that lady too.

But one thing you must know is that if the lady is an
unbeliever, there’s no way God can talk and confirm you to her then, maybe you didn’t get His Word very well. I’m saying this because a believer in Christ will not out-rightly reject you.

She will rather ask you to give her time to also pray about it and receive God’s word on it too. So keep praying and believing God that all will end well since you’re sure it’s His will. God never lies and He never fails too.

Remain richly blessed..

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