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Monday, April 07, 2014

He’s Cheating On Me But Says I Should Wait On Him. Should I Wait Or Is He Playing Me??

Dear Beloved, I Have This Boyfriend Who Is Doing His Last Year In Boston Media House. The Reason Why I Mentioned This Is Because He Is Cheating On Me With An Old Policewoman Who Has A Child. That Child Isn’t For My Boyfriend. Each And Every Time I Try To Break Up With Him, He Keeps On Saying That He Still Loves Me. Let’s Not Say We Broke Up But Let’s Call It A Break. I Mean Really Now. I Haven't Done Anything Wrong To Him, He Said I Must Give Him This Month Only; Everything Will Be Over By The End Of It. I Am Really Lost. Yes I Still Love Him. Should I Wait For Him Or He Is Playing Me? Please Help Me.

My Dear, I Believe The Answer To Your Questions Is Very Clear; Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You And Does Not Love You. His Actions Shows He Prefers The Relationship He Has With The Policewoman Above The One He Has With You. Whether The Child Is His Or Not Does Not In Anyway Change The Situation.

Secondly, That You Still Love Him Even As He Continually Cheats On You With The Same Woman Simply Shows Your Fear Of Letting Go Of The Relationship. And As Children Of God, We Have Not Been Given The Spirit Of Fear But Of Love, Of Power And Of A Sound Mind. The Fear I Perceive In You Is Not Godly At All.

Never Allow A Man To Determine Your Worth; Only Christ Jesus Can And Should Do That! Do You Know Him? Do You Have A Personal Relationship With Him? Are You Genuinely Born Again? If You Can Honestly Answer This Question, Then You Should Know Where You Stand In This Situation.

Finally, Accept Jesus As Your Lord And Saviour And Quit The Relationship Once And For All. Don’t Wait For Him. The Love You Think You Still Have For Him Will Evaporate Once You Allow The Love And Word Of God To Dwell Richly In You. Choose Jesus Over Him And At The Right Time, You’ll Be Blessed With The Right And Godly Man.

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