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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Do You Agree To Everything Your Partner Asks Of You In Your Relationship All In The Name Of Love? Love Is Wise And Not Stupid; It Sees Clearly And Not Blind. There Are Times When Saying No Is Absolutely Necessary Especially If You’re In An Ungodly Relationship.
**If You’re Truly Born Again, Then You Must SAY NO To Premarital Sex No Matter The Excuse Or Reason Given For It.

**You Must SAY NO To Having An Abortion For Him ‘Cos You’ve Made The First Mistake And You Don’t Have To Compound Your Sin By Making Another.

**You Must Say No To Invitations To Go Clubbing ‘Cos No Worldly Music No Matter How Sweet They May Sound Glorifies God And Neither Is A Place Filled With Over-Exposed Breasts And Buttocks; Cigarette Smokes And Alcohol.

**You Must SAY NO To Romancing, Kissing And Caressing Of The Body With The Excuse That It’s Not Bad To Have Just A Feel Of It{If Anyone Wants A Feel Of It, Then Let Him/Her Be Ready To Say ‘I DO’ First Of All}.

**You Must SAY NO To Performing The Duties Of A Wife – Washing Clothes, Cleaning The House & Cooking For Him And His Friends – And Performing The Duties Of A Husband – Buying Pants, Braziers And Recharging Her Phone All The Time – When You’re Still Single.

**And Finally, You Must SAY NO TO Being In A Relationship With An Unbeliever Who Just Warms The Bench In The Church Every Sunday Because It Is Far Better And Profitable To Be Single Than Being In A Wrong Relationship.

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