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Wednesday, April 09, 2014


God Has Given Me The Strength To Wait:

It's Been Years Since I've Had Sex. I Wish I Could Say That I Totally Waited For Marriage, But I Can't. I Do Have Regrets (And, As I Said Before, They Have Lasted Much Longer Than Any Momentary Pleasures). I Have Regrets About The Way I've Treated Girls.

I Have Concerns About The Stability Of My Future Marriage (If And When I Get Married). But God Has Helped Me To Deal With My Past Acts And With My Concerns For The Future. He Is In The Process Of Changing Me, And Has Changed Me A Lot Already.

Also, God Has Given Me The Ability To Wait For Marriage To Have Sex Again. Sure, It's Been A Struggle At Times, But God Has Been Big Enough To Get Me Through It. All Things Are Possible With Him.

And Each Day, Week, Year That Goes By, I Know I'll Have A Better And Stronger Marriage Someday Because I've Waited. Also, I Have A Stronger Relationship With God, Today, As A Result Of Depending On Him In This Vital Area Of My Life As A Man.

Where To Start:

If You Want To Be Successful In Relationships Someday -- As A Husband And A Father -- The Best Place To Start Is With Yourself. The Trick Is Not In Finding The Right Wife, Or Having The Right Children.

The Key Is To Start With You. And The Most Important Relationship You Can Have -- One That Will Make You A Better Husband And Father -- Is A Relationship With God.

God Is The Author Of Sex, Love And Relationships In General. He Created These Things For Us To Enjoy. And We Can Enjoy Them Fully If We Follow His Design For Them. I've Come To Discover That God Is Not A "Moralizer." He Doesn't Say, "Do This" Or "Don't Do This" For No Reason.

When He Says, "Don't Do This" (For Example, Wait For Marriage To Have Sex), He's Not Saying That To Show Me Who's Boss, He's Saying It Because It's In My Best Interest. He's Saying It Because He Knows How He's Built Me As A Man, What Is Best For Me, And What Will Bring Me The Most Fulfillment.


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