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Thursday, March 27, 2014


       I Have Found Something More Satisfying Than Sex:

I Know What You're Thinking: "Yeah, Right." But It's True. And In Fact, In A Way Sex Helped Me To Discover The Something That Outdoes It. And That Something Is Not Really A Something, It's A Someone. It's God. Just Hear Me Out On This One, I Know It Sounds Far-Fetched, But The Whole Thing Makes Sense.

God Has Created Us In Such A Way That We Can't Be Ultimately Satisfied By Anything Except Him. He Built That Into The Human System, And Into Each One Of Our Individual Systems. As One Man Put It, "Inside Every Person Is A God-Shaped Vacuum That Only God Can Fill."

That's Why We See People Change Careers, Mates, Fashions, And More -- Because In Our Search For Ultimate Fulfillment, We Get Frustrated With The Things (And People) That Have Not Achieved It For Us.

So We Discard Them And Move On To Something (Or Someone) Else, Hoping That In Them We Will Find The Kind Of Fulfillment We Are All Really Looking For. But The Problem Is; We Never Find It Unless We Come To God For It, Because Only He Can Provide It.

God Loves Us Too Much To See Us Truly Satisfied By Anything Other Than Himself. He Wants The Best For Us, And That Means Himself. Nothing Or No One Is More Important Than God. I Know That's True Because I Found It Out For Myself.

 The Emptiness I Had -- After Buying This And Buying That, After Sexual Escapades, After All My Efforts To Be Fulfilled In Life -- The Emptiness Came To An End When I Asked God Into My Life. More Specifically, When I Asked Jesus Christ Into My Life.

Jesus Christ Said, "He Who Comes To Me Will Never Go Hungry, And He Who Believes In Me Will Never Be Thirsty" (John 6:35). Those Words Came True In My Life.

When I Entered Into A Relationship With God, The God-Shaped Vacuum Inside Me Was Finally Filled. I Didn't Feel Empty Anymore. Consequently, Knowing God Has Given Me A Deeper Satisfaction Than Sex Ever Did.

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