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Monday, March 24, 2014

I’m 21 And Have This Girl In Mind For A Long Time. Should I Tell Her To Wait Or Ignore Her?

Dear Beloved, I Am A Boy Of 21years, There Is This Girl That I Have Been Glaring At For A Very Long Time And My Intuitions Tells Me That She Will Be My Wife In The Future But I Have Not Spoken To Her Because I Need To Focus On My Life. I Was Passing Her Place One Day And She Told Her Mum That She Will Want To Marry Someone Like Me. Should I Tell Her To Wait, Ignore Her Or What Is The Way Forward?

My Dear Brother, From Your Age, I Will Guess You’re Still In The University And I Don’t Think It’s Wise To Tell A Girl You Want To Marry Her So That She’ll Wait For You. A Girl Telling Her Mum She Wants To Marry Someone Like You Should Be Young Too So I’ll Suggest That As You Rightly Said, Focus On Your Life First Of All.

If You’re Deeply Concerned About Losing Her To Others When The Time Would Now Be Right, Then Go To God In Prayers To Be Sure She’s First Of All For You. Now, When You’re Convinced She’s The One, Commit Into God’s Hands And Concentrate On Becoming A Godly And Responsible Man Bearing In Mind That Nothing Happens To That Which Is Committed To God.

Don’t Rush Into Something When The Time Is Not Right Yet And Don’t Ignore It Entirely Either. Go To God In Prayers, Let His Word Guide You And If That Girl You’ve Been Glaring At Is Really Yours, No Man Will Take Her Away From You. So The Way Forward Is, HAND IT OVER TO GOD And Focus On Your Life.                                                                                                 

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