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Thursday, March 13, 2014


I Don't Have To Sleep With A Woman To Know If We're "Sexually Compatible":
Sex Is Meant To Complement A Relationship, Not Be The Most Important Aspect Of It. That's What I've Found Out. It's Supposed To Be The Icing On The Cake When All The Other Aspects Of Your Relationship Are Working Well.

I've Come To Understand That The Sex Will Be Good If The Rest Of The Relationship Is Good. That's Why I Know I Don't Have To Sleep With My Wife Before Marriage To Find Out If We're Sexually Compatible{That Doesn’t Glorify God}. If We Get Along In Every Other Area, The Sex Will Be Fine.

Something Else Needs To Be Said Here; Another Thing I Think I've "Discovered" Is This: When You Place Sex As The Determining Factor Of The Relationship, It Will Probably Result In Poor Sex. Think About It.

If You Put Your Sexual Relationship Under A Microscope, Always Judging It And Judging The Relationship By It, It's Doomed To Fail. It's Like Being In Prison. You're Locked In To Something That Is Supposed To Be Freeing, Not Incapacitating.

But, When You Focus On The Other Parts Of The Relationship, And The Sex Isn't The Focus, Then You're Freed Up To Have A More Enjoyable Sex Life, With No Pressure Of Having To Make It Always Spectacular(Because It Won't Always Be).

And Yet, I Don't Think That As A University-Age Adult I Was Capable Of “Not Focusing” On Sex, That Is, Unless It Wasn't Present At All. That's Why I Think It's Best To Wait Altogether ‘Cos Marriage Should Be Honoured By All And The Marriage Bed Kept Pure!

To Be Continued..

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