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Monday, September 02, 2013

What Should A Godly Relationship Look Like? Can The Partners Spend Alone Time Together?

Dear Beloved, If A Partner Has An Opposite Sex Friendship Of Two Years Where The Friend Told Them That They Were In Love With Them, Had Plans For Them, And Couldn't Promise That They Wouldn't Be Thinking Of Kissing Them After The Partners Started Dating. Should That Friendship Continue? If So, What Should It Look Like? How Often Should They Talk? Should They Ever Spend Alone Time Together?

My Dear, If Your Partner Tells You That He’s In Love With You, Have Plans For You But Couldn’t Promise That He Wouldn’t Be Thinking Of Kissing You After You Begin To Date Him, Then My First Advice To You Is To Seek God’s Face To Know If That Gent Is God’s Approved Partner For You. This Is The First Step Before Entering Into A Relationship With Him.

If God Confirms Him As The Right Man For You, Then The Second Step Is To
Define Your Relationship And Set The Boundaries Because Anything That Is Not Properly Defined Begs For Abuse. If He Continues To Think About Kissing You Then Be Sure He’ll Attempt It One Day If There’re No Boundaries ‘Cos As A Man Thinks In His Heart, So Is He(See Matt.15:19).
They Can Talk As Often As They Like But Never In Privacy- As In A Bedroom With Doors Closed. He Can Take You Out And You Can Have A Heart-To-Heart Talk With Him But There Would Be No Fear Of Falling Into The Temptation Of Kissing And Touching ‘Cos You’re Both Outside. Spending Time Alone Together Is Like Making Satan/Temptation The Third Party. {It’s A No-No!}

Finally, The Ultimate Aim Of Every Godly Relationship And Courtship Is To Glorify God So Even The Topics Of Discussion Should Not Be Immoral Or Sexually Inclined ‘Cos It Can Arouse Your Sexual Appetites When The Time Is Not Right Yet. As The Song Of Songs 2:7b And 3:5b Says “Do Not Arouse Or Awaken Love Until It So Desires.”

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