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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

THE ‘H’ IN RELATIONS‘H’IP… {Help Without Being Asked}..

Many Of Us Have Already Formed The Habit Of Rendering Help Only When We’re Asked For It – Not So Good. On The Other Hand, Some Use That Excuse –“No One Asked Me!” – To Cover Up Their Laziness. So Not Good!

We Must Come To Realize That Some Of Our Partners May Not Directly
Ask For Our Help But Still Expect Us To Show Our Love For Them At That Moment By Simply Helping Out Without Waiting To Be Asked First.

Waiting To Be Asked First Before Moving To Help Where You Can Vividly See That Your Help Is Greatly Needed Does Not Speak Well Of You That Much.

Married Brother, Are There Dishes To Be Washed, Children To Bathe And Send To Bed, Some Clothes To Be Washed And Other House Chores To Be Done Before Bed? Without Waiting To Be Asked, Help Anyway!

Married Sister, Is The Income Coming From Your Husband Not Enough To Cover The Whole Expenses Of Running Your Home? Without Being Asked And With The Little You May Have, Help Anyway!

Are There Situations Where You Know You Can Be Of Help Especially Concerning Your Partner And Loved Ones? Without Waiting To Be Asked First, Help Anyway!

As Jesus Went About Doing Good – Sometimes Without Being Asked – Go And Do Likewise!!

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