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Wednesday, September 04, 2013

THE ‘N’ IN RELATIO‘N’SHIP… {Notice The Little Things}

Why Is It That We’re So Quick To Notice Little Things About Others Which Is Not So Much Our Business But Turn A Blind Eye To Those Little Changes We See In Our Partners. We Must Learn And Master The Art Of Compliment – Truthful Ones – To Nurture, Spice—Up And Boost Our Relationships.

Brother, Notice Her Change Of Hairstyle, Her New Clothes, Shoes, Bag, Etc. And Say Something About It. Even If It’s A Bit On The Extreme, Don’t Pretend You Didn’t See Or Notice It, Say Something About It!

Sister, Notice The New
Haircut & Shave, New Neck-Tie, Shirt, Belt, Trousers, Shoes, Etc. And Say Something About It. Noticing These Things Do Not Necessarily Mean You Must Say You Love It, NO! If It’s Not Okay Or Fits Them, Gently Let It Be Known And If It’s Okay Or Fits Them, Then Greatly Compliment Them.

Married Brother, When She Cooks Food – Whether Sweet Or Not – Compliment Her Time And Efforts, When She Cleans The House And Does Laundry, Take Notice And Appreciate By Thanking Her For Keeping Your House, Clothes, Children Clean And Tidy.

Married Sister, When He Returns From The Day’s Work, Buys Something For You And Do Other Chores Around The House, Notice And Appreciate Him For Providing For The Family. Even Though It’s Their Responsibility, Your Appreciation And Respect Will Always Encourage And Draw Him Home Immediately After Work.

It Is High Time We Began Releasing Words Of Encouragement/Compliments To Build Up Our Partners. Some Changes Might Seem Too Trivial But Noticing It And Saying Something About It Endears You To Your Partners Heart.

Don’t Just Take Notice Of Those Little Things And Keep Quiet; Please Release Your Mouth And Say Something About It If You Don’t Want A Strange Man Or Woman Outside To Do Your Job For You!

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