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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Mother Is Standing Against My Relationship Because I’m Ahead Of My Guy. What’s Your View On This??

Dear Beloved, I’m In A Relationship With A Guy Whom I Believe Is God's Will For My Life Through Various Confirmations But The Challenge Am Having Is That Am Already Through With My Degree And Am Presently Doing My Youth Service But He Is Just In Year Two(2) In A College Of Education And This Is Making My Mother To Stand Against The Relationship. She Said He Is Going To Delay Me And She Wouldn't Want Me To Experience What She Experienced ‘Cos Hers Too Was A Similar Case. Please I Need To Know Your View On This Matter.

My Dear, Let Me Start By Saying That Once You’re Certainly Sure And Can Stake Your Life On The Confirmation You Received From God, Then Don’t Let Anyone Stop You Or Make You Change Your Mind About The Matter – Not Even Your Own Mother! She May Have Your Best Interest At Heart But Gently Let Her Know That It’s Better To Obey God’s Instructions That Hers.
But Where Problems Will Arise Is When You’re
Not Sure About The Confirmations From God. Let Me Ask You These Questions First; Did You Receive The Confirmations Firsthand From God? Or Are You Believing In Other People’s Confirmation From You? If Your Answer To The First Question Is Yes, Then I’ll Encourage You To Hold On To God And Wait For Your Guy.

But If Your Answer Is No To The First Question And Yes To The Second, Then I’ll Advise You To Go Personally To God In Prayers And Hear From Him Directly Without A Middleman. In Serious Issues Like Marriage, Approval From God Should Come To Us First Before Others Can Come As Confirmation Of What We Have Heard From God. If Not, We’ll Not Be Able To Stand Our Ground When Seemingly Serious Issues Start Springing Up.

Finally, Delay Is Not Denial Therefore Refuse To Believe Any Other Person’s Report But Stick To The Confirmation You Received Personally From God If You’re Really Sure They’re From Him. At God’s Own Time, Your Guy Will Graduate And Meet Up With You. Remember, God Makes All Things Beautiful At His Own Time. 

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