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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Emotions – Godly Or Carnal??

The Abuse Of Our Emotions/Feelings Have Become So Great That Even Some Churches Now Preach Against Recognizing Our Feelings Or Discussing Our Emotional Challenges. This Was Not So From The Beginning. God Created Adam And Eve And Emotions Were Among Their Make-Up. If It Was Bad, God Wouldn’t Have Made It.

Emotions Are Beautifully Designed By God Himself And Since We Were Created In His Own Image, He Has Emotions Too – Anger, Joy, Compassion, Godly Jealousy, Etc. But Sin And The Fall Of Man Have Destroyed And Twisted The Original Purpose Of God In Making Emotions A Huge Part Of Us. As A Result, We Can No Longer Rely A Hundred Percent{100%} On Our Feelings.

As Genuine Believers In Christ Jesus, Our Emotions MUST Be
Taken Captive Of And Make It Obedient To The Authority Of Our Lord Jesus Christ By Surrendering It All To Him. Then He Will Sift The Wrong Ones From The Right So As To Enable Us Run The Heavenly Race Continually Victorious. Now, Should We Hide Our Emotions? NO!

2Cor.10:5 – “…And We Take Captive Every Thought To Make It Obedient To Christ.”

There’s Nothing Wrong Or Carnal In Discussing How We Feel With Our Intending Partners{Fiancé/Fiancée} Or Spouse If Married. For The Engaged Couples, There’s Nothing Wrong In Saying “I’m Really Missing You” Or “I Love You So Much” And For The Married, They Can Say Anything They Feel Towards Each Other To Themselves.

But I Will Say A Big NO! NO! To Those In A Relationship And Engaged But Unmarried Partners Discussing Sex Or How Aroused They Make Each Other On The Phone, Chat, Mails Etc. Because It’s Of No Use Inciting Each Other When You Both Know The Time Is Not Right. This Is One Of The Causes Of Masturbation ‘Cos One Or Both Of Them Would Want To Cool Off After Such “Hot” Discussions And We Ought to Know By Now That MASTURBATION IS A SIN!

Eccl.3:5b – “Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”

I Also See Nothing Wrong In Sharing A Crush You Have On Someone With A Spiritual Father/Mother In The Lord For Counseling And Prayers. There’s Nothing Wrong In Sharing Your Inability To Control The Power Of Lust Over You, Your Sexual Urges; And Your Weakness In Stopping Masturbation With Someone You Respect And Trust For Godly Advice And Prayers – That Does Not Make You Carnal But Human!

It Is In Sharing And Prayers That Victory Is Gained But Satan Triumphs In Keeping Secrets. We Shouldn’t Hide Our Emotions But We Ought To Know The Right Place To Channel It To. You Are Responsible For Your Emotions/Feelings And Will Give An Account Of How You Handled Them And That Was Why Apostle Paul Said That He Brings/Beats His Body Under Control So That He Will Not Miss Heaven.

1Cor.9:27 – “No, I Beat My Body And Make It My Slave…”

Finally, Not All Emotions Must Ne Satisfied. Those In The World And Outside Of Christ Can Do As They Like By Satisfying All Their Feelings BUT NOT YOU That Has Been Pulled Out From The World{Born-Again} By Jesus. Never Act Based On Your Feelings Alone But Seek The Wisdom Of God In All You Do And He’ll Direct Those Emotions To Their Right Channels.

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