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Thursday, May 23, 2013

How Do I Help My Sister To Stop Masturbating ‘Cos She Said It’s Not A Sin??

Dear Beloved, Please I Need A Solid Back Up To Assist My Sister Of 26yrs Old Who Has Been Masturbating And She Claims It’s Not A Sin, I Tried To Advice Her, But She Told Me To Prove It To Her Where It Is Written In The Bible That Masturbation Is Sin? That Is Only Fornication And Adultery That Is Been Recorded As A Sin, That It’s Either I Let Her Be On Her Masturbation Or She Goes Out And Sleep With Countless Number Of Boyfriends; Which Do I Prefer? I’m Confused. Please What Do I Do To Help Her ‘Cos She Means So Much To Me?
Hi Dear, For The Fact That The Bible Does Not Out-Rightly Call Masturbation A Sin Does Not Make It Right. Masturbation Is All About Pleasing Yourself And That Is What God Hates Because He Will Never Share His Glory With Any Man. When A Lady/Gent Masturbates, He/She Is Not Doing It To Please God But Rather To Please Themselves.

In 2 Tim.3 1-4, Paul Said That In The Last Days, “People Will Be Lovers Of Themselves, Lovers Of Money, Boastful, Proud, Abusive, Disobedient To Their Parents, Ungrateful, Unholy, Without Love, Unforgiving, Slanderous, Without Self-Control, Brutal, Not Lovers Of The Good, Treacherous, Rash, Conceited, Lovers Of Pleasure Rather Than Lovers Of God…”

Take Note Of
The Words, Lovers Of Themselves, Unholy, Without Self-Control And Lovers Of Pleasure Rather Than Lovers Of God. Anybody That Masturbates Loves His/Herself More Than God And They Seriously Lack Self Control Which Is Why They Cannot Control Themselves And Thereby Involve Themselves In Unholy Acts That Brings Shame To God.

Before We Can Truly Become Disciples Of Jesus, We Must Hate Ourselves. Jesus Said In Luke 14:26 That “If Anyone Comes To Me And Does Not Hate His Father And Mother, His Wife And Children, His Brothers And Sisters – YES , EVEN HIS OWN LIFE – He Cannot Be My Disciple.”(Emphasis Mine). Someone Who Masturbates Does Not Hate His/Herself And As Such Cannot Be A Disciple Of Jesus Christ.

Finally, Tell Her That The Root Form Of Masturbation Is Selfishness Which Is Not Of God. Then I Want You To Know That Your Sister Is Responsible For And Will Be Judged For Her Actions As You Will For Yours. Tell Her The Truth But If She Refuses To Change, Don’t Feel Too Bad But Continue Praying For Her To Become A New Creation In Christ ‘Cos Once God Opens Her Eyes, She Will Be Delivered From Masturbation. #AllWillBeWell#

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