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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Do Wrong Partners Come Into Our Lives??

Dear Beloved, When Wrong Partners Come Into Our Lives, Is It Because Perhaps We Do Not Pray Enough Or Could It Be That We're Praying To The Devil In The Name Of Jesus Christ?


When Wrong Partners Come Into Our Lives, One Of The Reasons As You Said Is That We Do Not Pray Enough. I Say This Because When People Who Appeal To Our Sensuous Eyes – Either Because Of Their Beauty Or Wealth – Come Our Way, We Pray Half-Heartedly And Conclude That God Must Be In Support Of The Relationship, Without Actually Knowing So. This Is Very Wrong.

Secondly, Some Of Us Do Not Genuinely
Seek The Face And Will Of God In Our Relationship And Selection Of Life Partners Because They Are Afraid That God Might Say No When Their Heart And Will Is Saying Yes. We Need Not Be Afraid Of God’s Will.

Finally, During Relationships, Wrong Partners May Come Into Our Lives As A “Test” (This Has Happened To Me) And Only As We Continue Seeking God’s Will Do We Pass Those Tests And Not Fall A Victim Of The Devil By Marrying Such Wrong Partners.

PS: I Don’t Believe That We Can Pray To The Devil In Jesus’ Name. What Happens Is That We Pray To God But Not According To His Will And He Does Not Answer Such Prayers, Rather The Devil Seizes Such Opportunities To Bring The Wrong Answers To Our Prayers.

Remain Richly Blessed..

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