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Monday, April 23, 2012

Things To Know Before And After You Say I do! (8)..

Most Marriages That Are Now In Shambles Did Not Begin That Way. They Started With Long Calls Of “I Love You”, “I Miss You”, “You’re My Heart And Life”, “I Can’t Do Or Live Without You”, “I Can’t Wait To See You”, “Have You Eaten Today?  If Yes – What Did You Eat? If No – Why Haven’t You Eaten?” Etc.

If You’re At This “Love Stage” Now,
Shine Your Eyes Wella And Ask God To Reveal The True/Real Heart Of That Guy/Lady To You So That You Don’t Fall For Mere Words And Pretences And End Up Having Your Heart Broken.

If You’re Already In A Serious Relationship, Let Me Ask You This Question; As A Guy, Has God Told You That It Is Time To Get Married To That Lady? As A Lady, Has God Told You That You Are The Help-Meet He Specially Designed For That Man?

God Is The “ONLY” One That Can Help Us Locate Our True Partners And It Can Only Be At His Own Time Cos Our Time, Ways And Thoughts Are Vastly Different From His. So If You Want A Good Marriage, Never Run Ahead Of God; Rather Learn To Follow Him And Not The Other Way Round Cos God Cannot And Will Not Take The Back Seat.

Remain Richly Blessed..


  1. Nice topic!
    Highly appreciated! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks dear. God bless you richly and do have a lovely day..

  2. Great topic! It is one of the most inspiring blogs I've ever read. All the insights you've mention above is highly appreciated! Thank you so much because it awakens me to the reality.

    1. You're welcome African girl and God bless you richly and keep you awake in His reality..


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