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Monday, April 02, 2012

Things To Know Before And After You Say I do! (5)..

Most People Begin Courtship At The Level Of Intoxication (Lust) And A Lot Of Pretences. They Overwhelm Their Partners With Tender Loving Care (TLC). Guys Call And Send Text Messages To Their Sweethearts Endlessly.

Most Ladies Will Put Forth Their Best Behaviours Till They Say ‘I DO’. Nobody Will Be Bold Enough To Share Their
Weaknesses With The Person Who Wants To Marry Them For Fear Of Breaking Up The Relationship. #Notgoodatall.

But The Reality Mostly Sets In After Marriage Because The Guy Will Stop Being So Loving All The Time And The Lady Will Become Her Normal Self Again And Before You Know It, They Are Both Tired Of Marriage Just 3-6 Months After Their Wedding.

The Truth Is That There’s No Need To Pretend During Courtship/Engagement. If God’s Hand Is Really In That Courtship Which Means That Both Partners Are Genuine Believers, Then They Will Carry Each Other’s Strengths And Weaknesses Without Any Feelings Of Shame Or Embarrassment.

Remain richly blessed..


  1. so very true dear. its best you let him /her to e real u than e fake u .u never knw h might luv u more fo tht.

    1. Thanks dear for that advice and greater thanks for the time you took to comment. I appreciate and God bless you..


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