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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Tired Of Waiting For The Right Partner..

Hi Beloved, this word in Genesis 2:18 which says “And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him”, has not yet worked for me. What can I do? I have been waiting and I’m still waiting! Please I need your advice.

Hello dear, in answer to your question, I'll encourage you to keep trusting and believing God for the right time because He makes everything beautiful in His own time.

If you’re a born-again believer in Christ Jesus, then you MUST
believe God when He says that He, not you, will make an help meet for man. Rushing ahead of God always ends in disaster because you cannot see the end from the beginning.

If you’re a lady then allow God to prepare you before taking you to or bringing your husband to you and if you’re a man, allow God to also prepare your wife and bring her to you or lead you to her.

Isaiah 40:31 will be a good verse to encourage you in times like this. And never forget that God is still preparing your partner. Once the time is set, your testimony time will come.

Remain richly blessed dear..

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