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Thursday, February 13, 2014


 Like So Many People Are Already Saying; ‘TOMORROW IS THE D-DAY’ And They’re Preparing Seriously For It. Now If You Ask Them Why, The Answer Would Be; ‘IT’S VALENTINE OR LOVERS’ DAY!, A Day To Show The Extent Of Your Love To Your Loved One!

Now I Wonder Along These Lines;
**Why The So Great A Preparation For Something That Passes In Just One Day?
**How Has The Devil Managed To Twist The Great Love Of God Which Ought To Be Celebrated Everyday Into A So-Called “Lovers’ Day” Filled With Sexual Immorality And The Likes?

Sisters Who Profess To Be Born Again, What Are You
Planning For Tomorrow And The Weekend? Why Must You Fall For This World’s Definition Of Love? How Can The World That Is Devoid Of The Rich Love Of God, Push You Into Sexual Sin All In The Name Of Love? What Happened To Your First Love, Jesus Christ??

Brothers Who Claim To Be Spirit-Filled, How Can You – In The Name Of Love – Invite That Sister To Your House Or Even To Spend The Weekend With You? Does It Not Show That You’ve Not Really Known The True And In-Filling Love Of Christ Within Your Heart? Why Must You Sacrifice Your Destiny At The Alter Of Lust  And Sex?

Celebrating St.Valentine’s Day Aka ‘Lovers’ Day And Dressing Up In Red And White Is Only A Resounding Gong Or A Clanging Cymbal Without The Love Of Christ Jesus Who’s The Author Of Love Dwelling Richly In You!{1Cor.13:1}

Is It Possible To Celebrate Love When You Have Not Yet Known The Author Of Love{God} And Experienced His Unconditional Love? NO!

I Beseech You Brethren, Do Not Mortgage Your Future By Joining The World To Participate In All Forms Of Sexual Immorality Because Your Body Is The Temple Of The Holy Spirit And God Would Destroy Anyone Who Defiles Or Destroys His Temple{1Cor.3:16-17}.

Rather, Choose To Celebrate Every Day, The Love God Has For You That Made Him Send His Only Son Jesus To Die For Your Sins. AS JESUS CHOSE TO DIE FOR YOU, HAVE YOU CHOSEN TO LIVE FOR HIM??

Remember, Christ Jesus Died For ALL And ALL DIED! We Who Are Now Alive In Him Should Henceforth No Longer Live For Ourselves But For Him Who Died And Was Raised From Death!{2Cor.5:14-15}

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