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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Not Having Sex With Other Women Will Mean Better Sex In My Marriage:

 Sex Is A Mysterious Thing That Causes A Deep Bond Between People, Even If We Call It "Casual." The Problem Is This: The More I Bond With Other Girls, The Less I'll Be Able To Bond With My Future Wife. It's Like A Piece Of Scotch Tape -- The More You Use It On Different Surfaces, The Less It Sticks To Things. After Awhile, It Won't Stick To Anything.

If I Bond With Other Girls Before I Get Married, I Won't Be Able To Bond As Well With My Wife Someday. I Won't Cherish Her As Much As I Could Have, And Consequently I Won't Love Her As Much As I Could Have.

Each Day That Passes That I've Remained Faithful To My Future Wife Means That My Relationship With Her Will Be Better. My Love For And Fear Of God Help Me Keep To My Vow Of Remaining Faithful To Her; And Also, The Thought Of Her Being My Best/True Friend – What Else Can A Man Ask For?

It's A Funny Thing: Our Culture Decries Adultery, Yet It Freely Condones Premarital Sex, Even With Multiple Partners. That's Ironic. I Say This Because, If You Take The Element Of Timeout Of The Equation, Premarital Sex Is Adultery.

We Can Imagine How Adultery Would Greatly Injure A Marriage Relationship, Maybe Premarital Sex Actually Has Nearly The Same Result. It Injures The Potential Bond Between A Man And A Woman.

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