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Monday, November 04, 2013

What Are The Values Of A Relationship? What Does Relationship Abuse Mean And How Can One Avoid It??

Dear Beloved, Thank God For The Continuing Grace Through The Messages You Share With Us. Please I Am Pressed To Ask You A Few Questions And I Pray God Grant You Insight Into Them. 1. Please, What Are The Values Of A 'Good Relationship'? 2. I Learnt This Around The International Women's Day: What Does Relationship Abuse Mean? How Can One Avoid It In Any Relationship In A Godly Way? 
In Answering Your Questions, I’ll Start By Saying That A ‘Good Relationship’ Is A Situation Where Your Relationship With One Or More People Is Without Hitches. By Hitches, I Mean Without Suspicions, Distrusts, Envy/Jealousy, Bitterness Of Heart, Lies, Constant Quarreling, Fights, Etc. Any Relationship That Gives You Peace/Rest Of Mind Can Be Said To Be Good.

Now A Good Relationship Can Only Be Achieved If You’re
A Genuine Believer In Christ Jesus i.e If You’re Born Again Because The Natural Man Cannot Love Selflessly Except The Holy Spirit Is At Work In Him/Her. The Values Of A Good Relationship Are Peace Of Mind, Complete Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Joy, True Love, Faithfulness, Etc.

Relationship Abuse Means To Take Any Relationship For Granted By Losing Respect For The Other Person(s). This Happens When You; (a)Lie To And Cheat On Her, (b)Hit Her Irrespective Of Any Wrong Done By Her, (c)Talk Down On Her Making Her Lose Her Self-Worth, (d)Put Your Interest/Needs Above Hers, (e)Forcefully But Subtly Make Her Do Things You Know Are Against Her Principles/Beliefs, Etc.

The Only Way To Avoid Consciously Or Unconsciously Abusing A Relationship Is By Giving The Over The Control Of Your Heart And Life Over To Christ Jesus ‘Cos He Alone Can Bring Out Godly And Lasting Qualities In You. A Selfish Man/Woman Can Never Love For Real And Will Always Abuse A Relationship ‘Cos They Will Always Want Others To Do Everything Their Own Way. Only In Christ Can Relationship Abuse Be Avoided.

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