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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


 I Now Know That Sex Isn't All It's Cracked Up To Be:

When I Was In The University, I Remember Having An Experience That I Referred To As A "Love Hangover." After Being With A Girl, The Next Morning I Always Felt An Emptiness. That's Something You Won't See On TV Or In The Movies, But It Happens A Lot. There Was Emptiness, Even Regret, Afterwards.

The "Love Hangover" Was A Strange Occurrence For Me. Mainly Because When I Was In The University, Sex Was My "God." As A Male, It's What I
Thought About Morning, Noon And Night. So You Would Imagine That Having Sex Would Have Been Completely Fulfilling -- The Crowning Achievement In The Worship Of My "god." And Yet, There Was Often A Lack Of Fulfillment Afterwards.

Has That Been Your Experience, Too? Have You Ever Had A "Love Hangover"? If You Have, You Should Stop And Consider, "Why Is That? Why Is It That Sex, If It's So Important To Me, Leaves Me With An Empty Feeling?"

I Remember Being Confused By This Emptiness. I Then Concluded: "I Just Need More [Sex], That's All." (We Often Think This Way About Stuff We Hope Will Fulfill Us, Then Doesn't). For Example, We Get The Phone Or Sound System We've Always Wanted, But Then It's Just "Okay" After Awhile.

Instead Of Realizing That A Phone/Sound System Can't Really Satisfy Us, We Usually Make The Error Of Thinking, “Well, I Guess That Wasn't The Right One. A Different And Newer One Will Give Me Lasting Fulfillment.”

But The Emptiness Continued. So, Finally, I Came To The Conclusion That Premarital Sex Wasn't All It's Cracked Up To Be. It Gets Too Much Hype. It's Not What The Movies Make It Out To Be. If It Were, It Would Be Completely Fulfilling. There Wouldn't Be Any "Emptiness."

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