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Monday, November 18, 2013

Seven(7) Months Pregnant And All Alone. Did I Do Wrong By Keeping This Baby??

Dear Beloved, What Do You Do When You Are 7 Months Pregnant And The Guy Walked Out On You From The Beginning? I Know Prayer Changes Things But These Questions Come To Me; Am I Wrong For Carrying A Man’s Child That He Didn't Want And Was Keeping This Baby The Right Thing? I Often Ask Myself Why Haven't I Received That Stable Relationship And A Husband That My Heart Desire?

My Dear Sister, Three Things To Do When You're Seven(7) Months Pregnant And The Guy Walks Away From You Is To First Of All, Focus On God Who Alone Sustains You{Believing Of Course That You Have Asked For His Forgiveness And Now Feels His Peace In Your Heart - If You Haven't Done So, Please Do It Now 'Cos He's A Merciful God Who Forgives Whoever Asks For His Mercy And Forgiveness}.

Secondly, Focus On Your Health And That Of Your Baby! You Might Feel
Emotionally Let-Down By The Father Of The Baby But Don't Let It Weigh You Down. What Happened Has Happened And I Will Greatly Commend You For Not Aborting The Child. Now Just Two(2) Months To Go And You'll Behold Your Treasure! Let That Hope Keep You Going!

Thirdly, Find Something Doing If You Haven't Already So That You'll Be Able To Properly Take Care Of Your Baby When The Time Comes. I Believe Your Family Will Also Support You. You Will Notice That I Didn't Mention Going To Fight For Your Right From Your Guy. I'll Advise That You Leave Him, Forgive Him In Your Heart And Trust God To Care For You And Your Baby More Than That Guy Ever Can.

You Are Not Doing Any Wrong By Carrying A Life(Baby) Within You For A Man That Does Not Care. You Might Have Made A Mistake By Engaging In Pre-Marital Sex And Becoming Pregnant But You Have Taken Responsibility For That And I Admire Your Courage. Let Me Say Boldly Here That KEEPING THAT BABY IS THE RIGHT AND BEST THING TO DO!

Finally, You May Not Have Received A Stable Relationship And A Husband That Your Heart Desire Because You've Been Doing It On Your Own Without Consulting God First Of All. Accept Jesus As Your Lord And Saviour And Hand Your Whole Life And Relationship Over To Him; Then Watch How He'll Grant That Heart Desire Of Yours In His Own Way And At His Own Time!


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