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Monday, March 12, 2012

Things To Know Before And After You Say I Do!(2)..

God Made Man To Be The “HEAD” Of The Family/Home With Serious Responsibilities. Your Wife-To-Be Or Your Wife (If You’re Married) IS NOT Your MATE But Your HELP-MEET So Do Not Compete With Her.

Deciding To Show Her The Strength Of Your Muscles Once She Misbehaves So As To Subdue Her; Shouting And Intimidating Her Are
Not Also Correct Either. You Cannot Test Your Championship With One Who Is Not Your Equal. She’s Your Help Meet!

She Comes To HELP And Not For You To Dump The Entire Load And Responsiblities Of The Family On Her Neck. You MUST Bear The Load And Let Her Come In Where She Can.

Your Being The Head Is A Responsibility Rather Than A Status Because God Will Hold You Responsible As The Head If Anything Goes Wrong With Your Marriage. 

So Before You Rush Off To Propose To A Sister, Honestly Ask Yourself If You Are Truly Ready To Be The Head Of The Family.

Remain Richly Blessed..

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