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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can One Marry Just For Sex?

Hi Beloved. My Question Goes Like This; Should Two People Dating Rush Into Marriage Just To Accomplish Their Desires For Sex? It’s Often Counseled That If Two People Dating Cannot Hold Their Bodies, They Can Get Married. To Me, This Is Not A Good Reason For Marriage. What Do You Think?

The Answer Is A Big NO! The Desire For Sex Is The Worst Reason For Getting Married Because If That Desire Wanes As It Definitely Will With Time, What Will Happen To That Marriage?

Dating Is Quite Different From
Courtship And Before Courtship Can Start Between Two Consenting Adults, There Must Have Been A STRONG CONVICTION In Their Hearts That God Is In Support Of Their Relationship.

So I Agree With You. Sex Alone Is Not A Good Reason To Get Married Because Love And Companionship Comes Before Sex Therefore That Counsel Should Not Hold For True Believers In Christ Jesus.

Thanks And Remain Richly Blessed..

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