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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Is Valentine's Day A Christian Celebration?

Hello Woman Of God! Your Messages And Answers To Questions Are Good And God Bless You And Strengthen You More And Put His Word In Your Mouth. There Is This Question I Have Been Asking – Is Valentine Day A Christian Celebration? If Yes Why And If Not Why? Should Christians Share Gifts On Such A Day? Hoping To Hear Objectively From You. Paul

Hi Paul, Thanks For The Encouraging Words From You And A Big Amen To Your Prayer. I'll Answer Your Question As Honestly As I Can.

Valentine's Day Is All About Love And God Is Love. As Such, Christians Have The Total Right To Celebrate And Remind Ourselves Above All Things, About God's Love For Us.

Valentine's Day May Not Be Like
Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Easter And Christmas Celebrations But All These Celebrations Are Still Hinged On God's LOVE For Us.

St. Valentine I Believe Is A Catholic Priest Who Spent His Life On Loving People And Secretly Joining Couples In Holy Wedlock/Matrimony.  I Also Believe That That Virtue Of LOVE Is Worthy Of Emulation.

Christians Are Not Mandated To Share Gifts But They Can Do So At Their Own Free Will. If We Can Give Gifts On Any Day We Like, Then There's Nothing Wrong In Giving Gifts On Val's Day Too.

I Believe This Answer Will Satisfy You. Remain Blessed..

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