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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Making Distance Relationships Work..

Please beloved, can u speak on keeping distance relationship and making it work in Godly perspective?
Hi dear, I can give you some advice here because I'm engaged to a Christian brother and we're miles apart but it doesn't faze nor disturb me because I trust him and he truly knows that he's answerable to God and not man(me).

The first point to note in every Godly relationship is
GOD'S WORD ON IT. Has God confirmed your partner to you as your husband-to-be? For God to confirm a man, that man must REALLY be a genuine born again.

Once this is settled, then others are not such a big problem again thank God for hand-sets. You will discuss often by calls, mails, internet etc. and get to see once in a while so as to avoid sexual temptations.

Any relationship without TRUST(especially distant relationships) is already doomed to fail because suspicions alone will definitely kill it. I will stop here for now but feel free to ask more questions if you're still not clear on some issues and I pray God will grant me the wisdom to answer them..

Remain richly blessed dear..

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