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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is Teenage Dating Appropriate??

Dear Beloved, what are your views about Teenage Dating? Is it appropriate? 
And how can a teenager stay godly and focused in an environment filled with distraction and ungodliness? Thanks once again.

Hi dear, I don’t support teenage dating because it is not supported by the Word of God. Teenagers can be friends and go out together to visit some lovely sights around town but that term called “relationship” is NOT YET for them.

I say this because the teen-age is filled with
hormones that work overtime and as such it’s difficult to control the feelings that come up at such times. It is mostly during the teen-age that such feelings like infatuation, crush, lust, fantasies etc. arise and none of them is Godly at all.

So, I will say that it is not appropriate for teenagers to “date” or be “intimate” or to be in a “relationship” because God made everything beautiful in His own time and He expects us to take decisions AS ADULTS(not as teenagers) because we will be held responsible for every deed and choice we make in life whether good or bad.

Lastly, a teenager can stay Godly and focused in an environment filled with distractions and ungodliness by;
(a)  FOCUSING ON JESUS” and living daily for Him by doing ALL He asks you to do and avoiding all appearances of evil;
(b) CHOOSING our friends WISELY by joining the company of genuine believers who will always encourage your faith in Christ Jesus; and
(c)  PRAYING DAILY for God’s wisdom, grace and strength to help you live above the ungodly distractions in your environment.
Remain richly blessed..

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