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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Do Love My Hubby And Don't Want To Lose Him..

Dear Beloved, I do have a problem – My hubby & I. We have been apart since Nov. last year up till now.  We don’t see or talk to each other and when I try calling him, he won’t pick my calls but he always ask my friend how I’m doing.  I’m now afraid that he might marry again. I do love my hubby so much & know and believe that he loves me too. Please help me.

I'll start by thanking you for confiding in me and seeking a Godly solution to your marriage relationship. I might not fully know what caused the break between you and your husband but God personally said in the book of Malachi that He hates divorce or one's putting away of his wife.

My advice to you is this: if you know where your
husband stays, please go and meet him there OR ask your parents and his parents to call you guys together for a reconciliation meeting where you'll apologize to him, make peace with him and save your marriage before a strange woman will take your place in his life.

Love, according to the Bible, covers a multitude of sin and you just said you love your husband, so whatever the grievances may be, please dear, seek for peace with him at all cost because what God has joined together, let no man put asunder, not even you or him.

I'll stop here for now dear BUT feel very free to ask more questions if you're not fully clear on this issue. I trust God to grant me the wisdom in answering it.

Remain richly blessed..

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