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Monday, July 04, 2011

Sex Enslavement! What Should I Do?

Dear Askbeloved is it right to be at loggerheads with a girl you have loved before? I went into a relationship with these girl two years ago and had sex with her for three times. As if I'm be bewitched and charmed by the girl, I found it very difficult to refrain from her grips of sex enslavement until I came to myself and went to one of our BIBLE STUDIES madam who upon prayers revealed she girl is a demon-possessed. Since then I have never talked to her for the past two years because if you give her the chance the way she advances and reacts is all leading to allurement and temptation. PLEASE WHAT SHOULD I DO?

 I don't really think I get your question Emma but let me answer it this way: if you feel that anytime you're with this lady, you will be heavily tempted to have sexual relations with her, then I'll advice you to flee from her because the Bible tells us to flee fornication in 1Cor.6:18a.

If you also believe the madam who told you that the girl is demon possessed, then, that's all the more reason to flee from the lady because continued association with her can lead to her easily manipulating you.

Don't go confronting her by telling her that she is demon possessed and don't give her a chance in your life either but you can link her with a strong man of God who can deliver her from the demonic spirits at work in her life.

Finally, I'll also advice you personally to seek God's deliverance from the bond you’ve formed with her by having sex with her. Pray that God will break the bond and free you so that you can continue with your life afresh.

All the best dear and remain blessed..

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