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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Need To Have Someone..

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Hi Beloved, I’m almost 33yrs but I don’t have anybody that I’m dating because I’m a kind of person that is shy. Not that I can’t talk to a lady but I’m still looking for a God-fearing person. What should I do now because I need to have someone?

Hi dear, from your question, I can understand that you’re also a God-fearing person which is why you’re searching for a lady who fears God too. Now as a believer in Christ, have you
prayed about it? Has God noticed that it is not good for you to be alone at this age the way He noticed Adam’s loneliness? God does not work by our ages so please; do not let your age be a source of worry to you.

After praying and if God reveals to you that it is time, then just relax and allow Him to make a help-meet for you the way He made Adam to fall into a deep sleep and He’ll surely place her on your path to find and when you find her, then you will surely obtain favour and blessings from God who has brought her to you.

God knows even more than you what you need and He knows that you need to have someone so I want to assure you that He’s already in control of this situation. Don’t go working by sight and appearances because they deceive a lot. Allow God who searches the heart of man to search your wife-to-be’s heart and approve her for you.

Finally, do not let the issue of your shyness bother you because it will not stop God for working this issue out for you. Just believe and trust Him to bring the right person along your path because His plans for you are filled with good tidings and not one spot of evil.

Remain richly blessed dear and have a nice day..

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