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  1. Hello Ask Beloved,
    I have a question. I really like this guy, but he's too shy to take the first step (I know this because I've known him for a long time.) How do I know if God is alright with me taking the first step? I've been praying about it for a long time now... But still no answer. Is God silently telling me to let it go? Or am I being too impatient for his answer?

    1. My Dear, One Thing That Should Be Made Very Clear To Us Is That Most Time, God Does Not Answer Questions That We Already Know The Answer To. When He Seems Silent After You’ve Prayed And Prayed, It Either Means That The Time Is Not Yet Right OR You Already Know The Answer. If It’s A “NO”, He Will Let You Know Without Delay Or Allow You To Outgrow That Request.

      I’ve Also Come To Know That When We’re Asking If Something Is Right Or Wrong, Deep Down In Our Hearts, We
      Know The Truth. In As Much As You Like That Guy, He Just Might Not Be The Right Husband For You. God Is Not Interested In Relationships Just For The Fun Of It. Any Relationship He Approves Must Have Marriage As Its Conclusion.

      I Want You To Know That Taking The First Step Or Being Too Shy Is Really Not A Matter With God. If He’s God’s Choice Of A Husband For You, Then At The Right Time, God Himself, Will Grant Him The Boldness/Courage To Take The First Step And Tell You Of His Intentions So Don’t Go Ahead Of God By Taking The First Step.

      You Might Make Reference To The Story Of Ruth In The Bible That She Took The First Step But Remember That She Approach Boaz Only On The Instructions Of Her Mother-In-Law Who’s Filled With The Wisdom Of God. So You Must Be Absolutely Sure That It Is The Holy Spirit Leading You To Make The Move Before You Do So.

      Finally, I Believe God Maybe Silently Telling You To Let It Go. So I’ll Advise You To Leave It For Now And Focus On Your Life And At The Right Time, All Things Will Be Made Clear To You And You’ll Understand Better Because All Things Work For Good To Those That Love God And Are Called According To His Purpose.

  2. Hello, I need ur advice. I was dating this guy for about a year, in january this year, God spoke to me in a dream, that if I continued with him and even married him, Ill have a divorce, so when I woke up, I prayed, and God still spoke that I should end it, well I called the relationship off, 2 months later, I had this dream where I was getting married to a guy(tall and dark)our parents were there, and we were all happy,I woke up and prayed that God should confirm it..2months later I met this guy who looked exactly like the person I saw in my dream, I was shocked though, we both liked ourselves and we started dating..evrytime I pray I see him in my dreams were we are living happy together, he's born-again and a very good guy..ever since we started dating, I have had so much peace.. But now my problem is my mum doesn't like his step-mum(cos his mum is late), she feels if I get married to him 'she will kill me' I dunno how..I have been praying and am even tired, even though am not in a hurry to get married, cos we want to get our masters, and work and do other things before we decide to get married(even tho its in our plans)..should I leave this guy, because of my mother's fears?? Or I should keep dating him,and pray God should touch his step-mum's heart??. I have seen her severally in my dreams and she dint look like someone that wanted to harm me..am confused. Please advice me

    1. My dear, God speaks to us in different ways of which dreams is one of them but even our dreams and any revelation we receive from God should be tested by the Word of God so that we would not be deceived by the enemy(devil) who also speaks through dreams and even vision using our strong desires at that moment. Someone I respect much said that dreams should be subjected to the direct test of God's word especially on issues of marriage 'cos we will not marry in the dream but in real life.

      So in as much as you were seeing most of these revelations in your dreams, pray also that God will also speak directly to you through His Word to solidify your resolve and be an anchor to fall back on in times of confusion and/or pressure like the one you're currently undergoing from your mum.

      There's an adage that says something like this "what elders sit down to see will not be seen by youths even when they climb the highest tree". So I will not be quick to dismiss your mother's fears 'cos something brought about that fear - she cannot just see a woman and become afraid that she will kill you. So go to her, discuss with her about those fears to know if it's just a feeling or that there's something she knows about that woman but is not saying.

      Finally, we were advised to pray without ceasing so don't tired 'cos prayers is the master key that open all doors even this one. Since you still have time before you marry each other, ask God to confirm your relationship again, reveal every hidden evil heart(concerning his step-mum) and to put peace he has put in your heart in your mother's heart too if really He's in support of your relationship and I pray He will meet you at the point of your need in Jesus' name, amen!

    2. Plz I urgently need help on how to totally and finally put a stop to dis devlish act called masturbation.could u believe I was reading a testimony and articles on it shared by people, all of a sudden I grabbed my pillow and started fucking it,right now I feel so dirty and ashamed of myself. Plz I beg of u,pray for me ad plz giv me advice on what to do ASAP. Thank u so much,Anita.

    3. The first thing to do to finally and totally put a stop to masturbation is ACCEPTING JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOUR. When this is done most sincerely from your heart, the Holy Spirit will flush out all filthiness in you and take control of your heart and life.

      Secondly, you MUST DECISIVELY put a stop to watching or reading or listening to any carnal movie{pornography}, magazine and musics. Do away with them 'cos in Christ Jesus and in total submission to Him, you can say no to and resist the devil and he will flee from you.



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