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Sunday, February 27, 2011

The "Y" in I Love You

“Y” stands for “YEARN”. The dictionary defines ‘yearn’ as “..to be filled with longing or compassion or tenderness..” Do you positively yearn for your loved ones by trying to meet their needs?

Are you always filled with compassion and tenderness as Jesus was and still is for us? OR

Do you negatively yearn for your loved one(s) by wanting to suffocate them with your love and selfishly keeping them to yourself?

Psalm 116:5b tells us that our God is full of compassion therefore as His children, let us yearn positively for our loved one(s) by demonstrating our love for them.

Wishing you the best the week filled with God's blessings. Share God’s love to all. I love you but God loves you more and most..

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