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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Weekend Quotes..

Many Of Us Are Still In Their Week(s) Of Prayer So Let Me Chip In Something That Will Make Your Prayers To Receive Speedy Answers:

***No Matter How Long You Fast And Pray, If You’re Still Praying For The Death Of Your Enemies, You’re Wasting Your Time O! ‘Cos How Do You Expect God To Answer You When You’re Out-Rightly Disobeying His Command?

Now Hear Me;
**God Himself Knows It’s Not Easy To Love And Pray For Someone Who Enjoys And Is Determined To Keep Hurting You But That’s The Only Thing That Shows His Seed Of Love Is Within You; And His Grace Abounds To Enable You Keep His Commands..

**When You Quote “Do Not Suffer A Witch To Live”, Remember That The Same Bible Says That “Rebellion{Disobedience} Is As The Sin Of Witchcraft” So Be Careful Before Your Prayers Begin To Affect/Destroy You Too!

**No Matter What Your Pastors Lists As ‘Prayer Points’, If They Contradict The Words Of Christ Jesus Himself And His Disciples, Please Dis-Regard It And Pray According To The Scriptures ‘Cos God Never Told Us To Listen To Your Pastor But To His Son Jesus In Whom He Is Well Pleased!

I Pray God Will Answer Your Prayers As You Pray Correctly In Jesus’ Name, Amen!
Loving You All With The Love Of Christ Jesus; heart emoticon heart emoticon
And A Glorious Weekend To You All.. smile emoticon :)

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